Our rental department was setup to accommodate our regular clients that require larger/special facilities for concerts and special events, but are available to the public under specific conditions.

Live Sound Reinforcement/PA System Rentals

The following represents the most often usedconfigurations. Custom packages are available.

Large Concert Sound System

Flying loudspeaker cluster, 4 monitor speakers, 20 mikes, DSP, Effects, etc..

Medium Concert Sound System

Two full range loudspeakers, 2 monitor speakers, 12 mikes, DSP, effects, etc.

Small Concert/PA Sound System

Two loudspeakers, 2 mini-monitor speakers, 8 mikes

Portable Sound System

Battery/AC, powered speaker & satellite speaker/stands
2 mikes, etc.


  • System rentals based upon 3hr program, set-up/break-down (minimum 2 hrs), included travel time (50 miles).
  • Early setup/rehearsals, multiple programs, travel (over 50mi) and special expenses are extra.
  • Auditoriums/venues must be booked to include setup/breakdown times, convenient load-in facilities, and electrical power¬†are to be provided.
  • Wireless Microphone systems are rented separately

On Location Recording

Digital Multi-track Recording

Mixer, mikes, monitors, (off site mixing requiredl)

Digital Stereo (DAT/MD/CD) ON LOCATION

Live stereo mix (mix approved on site)

Audio Post Production

Mixing, transferring, editing, etc. $55/hr

Lighting Systems

Stage lighting (8 pars on 2 trees, w/dimmer-control

Follow spotlights

Individual Item Rentals

  • Video Projector (LCD)/100″ Screen)
  • Video Projector (LCD)(150″ Screen)
  • Audio System for Video Projector (2 spkrs/ampifier/cables)
  • Wireless Microphones (Lapel, hand or earworn)
  • Communications Headsets System (8 wired/2 wireless))
  • Video Relay System (camera/operator/cable/TV)
  • Hanging Microphones
  • Smoke Machine/Fluid
  • Follow Spotlight
  • Mirrored-Ball/Pin Spotlight
  • Black Lights/Strobes
  • Color LED lights
  • Microphones/Stands
  • Electric generator

Crew (overtime)/hour = $100.00
Delivery/Pickup/Installation – extra

Customer responsible for permits/permissions and any losses/damages.