We offer the following forms of service:

Detailed client discussions about their specific needs and their budget.
Equipment selection and circuit layout to accomplish discussion goals. Specific attention to speaker types and their location that will complement the decor and yield the desired coverage. Complimentary equipment to drive the speaker systems, including digital signal processing, and a control system geared to client’s staff. The number and type of microphones are specified for very specific applications.
Advise on selection of electronic components to Compliment the design. Manufacturers are chosen for their quality, reliability and cost effectiveness.
Microphone and speaker wire runs concealed as much as possible. Mount speakers and other equipment using selected hardware/housings. All work done in a first-class manner in keeping with industry standards.
Maintaining all system components and their designed calibrations. This service is included, at no charge, during our warranty period.
System orientation and training of client staff, including a session during primary service/program. Continuous information supplied for current operations and planning for future additions/upgrades.
Standard system warranty is for one year, parts and labor, for all included components. Some manufacturers offer or give extended warranties. (Most speakers and microphones have at least three year warranties) For these cases, the customer is responsible for a service call to remove unit(s) and for shipping charges, to and from factory. In most cases, a “loaner” unit will be provided, where possible, during the servicing period.